is the floral-focused growing and design project of Kendra Schirmer. She is lucky enough to live and farm with her partner Sam, and cats Spider and Mullein, in the Eastatoee Valley of upstate South Carolina. 


Laurel Creek Florals brings a passion for unique flowers and every clients' unique needs, drawing inspiration from the amazing beauty of the Upstate including our own humble but bountiful gardens. We call our approach "naturalist floristry" because of this deep connection to seasonality and our natural farming practices. Our designs aim to bring the garden directly to your wedding in the most literal way. 


Our attention to the details begins with our yearly garden plans to ensure the most beautiful and unusual blooms that aren't easily sourced unless homegrown. Elements of your bouquet are planted months or even years before delivery day making the final result truly a labor of love.  We also scan the landscape beyond the garden for the most interesting seasonal ingredients, finding beautiful textural seedpods, wild rose-hips, or colorful foliage to achieve your specific vision.

From the excitement at seeing a first seed sprouting, to the hour of delivery seeing a bride meet her bouquet for the first time, the whole process is deeply fulfilling and truly feels like a sacred calling. This emotional connection to our plants and clients alike is what keeps us motivated to focus on planting or weeding in South Carolina humidity! It is always such an honor to know the product of our long days in the garden and studio allow us to create beauty that will live on forever in your family's memories. Our goal is to hear you say the flowers were even more beautiful than you had imagined and your guests are still talking about them months later.




is always in the forefront of our business practices. Our gardens are managed using only organic certified products. Know you can safely shove your nose into one of our bouquets without getting exposed to nasty chemicals. If a flower isn't in bloom in our garden we will scout our friends' regional farms before calling a national wholesaler. This effort definitely adds some extra time to the process but it is of great importance that our wedding designs support small family-owned farms over imports that have traveled thousands of miles.  It's a win for our clients as local blooms are almost always higher quality and full of character and fragrance in ways a lot of mass-produced product just can't be. 

Kendra's story

Originally hailing from the Appalachian mountains of north-western New Jersey, Kendra spent most of her childhood making snow angels or romping barefoot in the woods looking for fairies in the wild columbine blooms. Her parents always had some shady gardens along the edges of these woods, yet her own desire to tend to plants didn't come until much later. 


After attending Bard College and studying Photography/Environmental Studies, she lived in Nashville for almost 9 years before meeting her farmer man. Craving the cleaner air and star-gazing opportunities of country life, Kendra and Sam moved to a lovely farmhouse back in Appalachia in 2013 to break ground on farming dreams. Tomatoes and cows and just a small patch of zinnias blossomed into an expanded flower garden.

Kendra dipped her toes into wedding design in 2015 and was somewhat surprised to find that her favorite artistic medium was flowers, something she might have laughed at years earlier. But looking back on a lifelong love of: timeless vintage fashion, sophisticated or unexpected color combinations, and artful home decor should have been some clues to her passion for floral design, and all inform her work today. 



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